Why use a waterproof bag for kayaking

When you are going for a kayaking expedition, you do not need everything that you carry to be soaked in water. Obviously, you will get soaked in water when in a kayak and some gears like a camera or phone or even your laptop will not be safe from the water. A waterproof kayaking bag can save you from all the stress and allow you to carry your gear around with comfort and ease. Moreover, your clothes and sleeping gear must stay dry hence increasing the essence of having a waterproof kayaking bag.

A waterproof kayaking bag refers to a form of a bag that is specifically built for kayaking activities. It is made from a waterproof fabric with a band that runs around their opening and are in most cases cylindrical in shape. There are exists a side release buckle that is on the opposite side of the band. You will then have to collapse the opening on top of the bag, and then fold it for a number of times on itself. This is then followed by the clipping of the side release buckle. All this should be done after you have filled the bag with your items. The closure is said to be a waterproof enough to prevent even heavy rains from penetrating into the bag. You should not submerge the bag in water because the seal will eventually leak. However, this bag assures you of security when kayaking because the water splashes cannot penetrate through the seal.

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Features of the Bag

Waterproof kayaking dry bags are made in a very simple way to allow ease of use. However, some of them have additional features. One of the features includes a valve that allows you to push out air trapped in the bag when you pack your stuff and close the seal. This feature is very essential because it allows compactness of the bag when it is being packed for kayaking. To compress the bag, you can make use of the compression straps but these are rare to come by. Moreover, there are other features like a plastic hook that allows you to clip a carabiner or a snap hook. These bags are also equipped with clear windows for those who want to see the content of the bag. However, there are those that do not have the windows just in case the user does not want the content of the bag to be seen by the public.

Several manufacturers of this kind of bags offer different varieties of bags with diverse colours that you can choose from. This makes it easier to choose the bag that you can use to carry your gear. All you need to do is carefully consider the colour of your choice and then go for it. You can use different colours like a blue bag to store your meals, yellow for storing your sleeping gear and green for the storage of electronics among others.

The Material

Diverse materials are used in the manufacture of waterproof kayaking bags. These materials also vary in flexibility, weight and durability. It is said that vinyl makes the best bags. Regardless, this material is heavy and stiff and is good for packing accessories like cameras and metal gear. There are some which are clear, eco-friendly and also standard. Some of the bags also are made from nylon which is waterproof. Compared with vinyl, nylon is more flexible and lighter but less durable. The nylon made bags are the best for packing soft items like clothing and sleeping gear. If you want more protection when you are using the nylon kind of bag, you should have another light bag on the inside. You can use something like a garbage bag on the inside to prevent damage of the nylon bag. The extra bag on the inside prevents the waterproof material from wearing off hence ensuring maximum protection to your gears. You should note that these bags come in different sizes from small to large to extra-large depending on the kind of bag that you want. However, the best size of a bag is between 8 to 15 litres. Any bag that is larger than this size does not fit into the hatch easily.


Waterproof kayaking bags are very beneficial to those involved in kayaking. They help keep their gear secure and free from destruction by water. Therefore, you need one of these bags in order to enjoy your time out without any worry. There are those for electronics, sleeping, food and many others. All you need to do is consider the right material, colour, quality and size depending on your needs. Avoid worries when you should be having all the fun in the world by obtaining one of these bags.