Seeker of Happiness is more than a funky tote bag shop.
For us, it’s a testament to the power of surrounding yourself with what makes you genuinely happy.

Our Shop

Like every good business we strive for quality, integrity and kick-a customer service. But we also strive to create things that our buyers can connect to. That is why we put so much of ourselves into our work. I do the designs, inspired by connections I’ve made from those around me. Scott does the actual screen printing. More than a standard ink transfer, the process is something personal and the result is handmade quality.

How it Started

Scott and I both grew up in Boise, Idaho but started dating in college. We got married in 2009 and I graduated in social work and Scott graduated in GIS. While Scott worked as a screen printer through college, I started playing with design and our little shop was born.

While we continue to pursue lots of different paths, our little shop has always kept our family working hard and working close.

Our Family

We have two little girls who make our hearts burst daily.

Georgia, who was born in 2011 is exploding with energy and is your girl for dance parties in the middle of the grocery store. She is fun and funny and keeps things light and happy.

Ruthie is 6 months and is our subtle sweetheart. She is probably the most smiley baby I have ever seen in my life. We love the calm energy she brings to our family of mostly nutcases.