Why use a waterproof bag for kayaking

When you are going for a kayaking expedition, you do not need everything that you carry to be soaked in water. Obviously, you will get soaked in water when in a kayak and some gears like a camera or phone or even your laptop will not be safe from the water. A waterproof kayaking bag can save you from all the stress and allow you to carry your gear around with comfort and ease. Moreover, your clothes and sleeping gear must stay dry hence increasing the essence of having a waterproof kayaking bag.

A waterproof kayaking bag refers to a form of a bag that is specifically built for kayaking activities. It is made from a waterproof fabric with a band that runs around their opening and are in most cases cylindrical in shape. There are exists a side release buckle that is on the opposite side of the band. You will then have to collapse the opening on top of the bag, and then fold it for a number of times on itself. This is then followed by the clipping of the side release buckle. All this should be done after you have filled the bag with your items. The closure is said to be a waterproof enough to prevent even heavy rains from penetrating into the bag. You should not submerge the bag in water because the seal will eventually leak. However, this bag assures you of security when kayaking because the water splashes cannot penetrate through the seal.

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Features of the Bag

Waterproof kayaking dry bags are made in a very simple way to allow ease of use. However, some of them have additional features. One of the features includes a valve that allows you to push out air trapped in the bag when you pack your stuff and close the seal. This feature is very essential because it allows compactness of the bag when it is being packed for kayaking. To compress the bag, you can make use of the compression straps but these are rare to come by. Moreover, there are other features like a plastic hook that allows you to clip a carabiner or a snap hook. These bags are also equipped with clear windows for those who want to see the content of the bag. However, there are those that do not have the windows just in case the user does not want the content of the bag to be seen by the public.

Several manufacturers of this kind of bags offer different varieties of bags with diverse colours that you can choose from. This makes it easier to choose the bag that you can use to carry your gear. All you need to do is carefully consider the colour of your choice and then go for it. You can use different colours like a blue bag to store your meals, yellow for storing your sleeping gear and green for the storage of electronics among others.

The Material

Diverse materials are used in the manufacture of waterproof kayaking bags. These materials also vary in flexibility, weight and durability. It is said that vinyl makes the best bags. Regardless, this material is heavy and stiff and is good for packing accessories like cameras and metal gear. There are some which are clear, eco-friendly and also standard. Some of the bags also are made from nylon which is waterproof. Compared with vinyl, nylon is more flexible and lighter but less durable. The nylon made bags are the best for packing soft items like clothing and sleeping gear. If you want more protection when you are using the nylon kind of bag, you should have another light bag on the inside. You can use something like a garbage bag on the inside to prevent damage of the nylon bag. The extra bag on the inside prevents the waterproof material from wearing off hence ensuring maximum protection to your gears. You should note that these bags come in different sizes from small to large to extra-large depending on the kind of bag that you want. However, the best size of a bag is between 8 to 15 litres. Any bag that is larger than this size does not fit into the hatch easily.


Waterproof kayaking bags are very beneficial to those involved in kayaking. They help keep their gear secure and free from destruction by water. Therefore, you need one of these bags in order to enjoy your time out without any worry. There are those for electronics, sleeping, food and many others. All you need to do is consider the right material, colour, quality and size depending on your needs. Avoid worries when you should be having all the fun in the world by obtaining one of these bags.

Waterproof Bags for Golf

Golfing is one of the most entertaining sports on the planet. If you are a golf player, you very well know that you carry a lot of stuff when going to the field. Therefore, you will need a goof bag to carry them around without jeopardizing their security. Over time, various improvements have been made in the golf bags industry. Currently, the bags are more portable, lighter and even weatherproof. This has been facilitated by improvements in technology. In this article, we will analyze the recent trends that have been witnessed in golf bags.

Good golf bags are functional and durable to provide the ultimate protection to your items. If chosen carefully, a bag is the most beneficial item that a golfer can have. If you think that the bag does not serve any purpose, you will not believe it until your valuable watch gets knocked against the wall, gets damaged and there is nothing you can do about it. A bag should be easily accessible and hold things carefully in order to keep them safe and secure.

What New Technology Has Been Introduced In Golf Bags?

To improve the efficiency of carrying the bag around, manufacturers have introduced double strapped bags that you can slip them on the shoulders with ease and at the same time make the bag easy to use. Zippers have also gone through a revolution where most of them have been made to be waterproof such that water cannot penetrate into the bag through them. Moreover, they have also been smartly angled such that they have become easier to open even with one hand which in most cases will be free. The straps and the side of the bag have been lined with a cushioning that makes the bag feel lighter and softer on the shoulders and the back. The bases are made in such a way that they can stay put on any surface.

Additionally handles installed on the right places of the bags have been installed such that it has become very easy to pick the bags from any place like trunks and also putt them wherever you want with ease. Carry bags have handles that are built on the top surface of their perimeters. This idea has now been so common that if we do not find this handle while slipping the bag off the shoulders, we are left to wonder if the handle has been removed or if the bag is actually broken.
Waterproof golf bags have also been made in a way that they have a cart and carry ratio. This simply means that you can carry them around on your shoulders or on a cart and each of those means has been made as effective as possible.

For those who like walking using carts, a light cart bag would be the best option in this case. This can also be the case with the huge hybrid bags. This because you will need more spa1ce for things like a water bottle and for a rain jacket because the bag will not be able to protect your items and at the same time shield you from the rains.

Recently, dividers have been installed in golf bags in order to be able to use them in the most effective way possible. The sections inside the bag have a cushioning to ensure that things like the shaft have been protected from abrasion that then causes wearing off. Also, there are those bags that have clipped installed to hold the clubs in place and avoid them knocking on each other and also to hold them in place as you move around with the bag on the cart or o your back. If you need this level of security then it is just okay. However, you should realize that the metallic clubheads provide protection to the other parts of the club hence having them hit each other a little bit will not cause any harm. After all, iron on those heads spends its time hitting on hard objects that would have damaged it a long time ago. If you are interested, there are bags that have sections for each club

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In addition to the waterproof properties of golf bags, these bags have been made better than most of the other bags. If you are a golfer, you can now be able to effectively carry your stuff in the bag on the back or on the cat without worry. The waterproof property of the bag protects your gear from rainfall and the demarcations inside the bag prevent the gear from knocking again each other. Moreover, carrying the bag becomes easy due to the cushioning on the shoulder straps and the surface adjacent to the back.

A Quick Guide to Waterproof Beach Bag

A vacation to the beach is always one of the best times of the year. You can visit the pace for a day or for many days depending on your plan. This means that you will have to pack a few items that you will use. It also determines the size and the nature of the bag that you will carry. Leave aside the bag you leave in your hotel room, there is always the one that you carry your valuables in all around the beach.

To prevent a rude encounter with water that can then damage your items, you need a waterproof beach bag. This kind of bag will keep your items dry and perfectly secure for that perfect summer treat. However, after you acquire the bag, do you know how you are supposed to pack it? Keeping your items away from the sand is one thing but arranging them in the most perfect and secure way is another. This article will look into how you can pack your beach bag and what you should carry around or leave.

Having the Right Bag

At the beach, your encounters with water are the main goal. Your items will in most cases come in contact with the water unless if you have kept them in a safe and secure bag. The perfect bag for this case is a waterproof beach bag that will protect your belongings from water splashes. You should also look for the correctly designed bag so that you do not look like you have been teleported from the marsupials’ era. You can prefer bags like a woven tote with a waterproof underlining and a woven look on the outside. You can also go for a more superb study and roomy waterproof bag like Scout’s Deano Tote Bag.

Be Organized

The kind of a bag that you acquire will help you to stay organized or not. Remember you will have things like dump towels and your electronics like phones and cameras or even other clean items at the same time. The problem is that you need to carry them in the same bag. Make sure to get a waterproof beach bag with compartments or pockets where you can put different items and avoid crunching them together. If there are no pockets in your bag, avoid adding them especially when your bag is waterproof because you will just jeopardize its ability to keep your items safe from water.

Have the Right Stuff

Rather than carrying everything from the hotel room or your car to the beach, always go for the indispensable items first and makes sure that you have the crucial ones first. Items like beach tags, food, and towel and sun protection come first. Of course, some items are more crucial than others hence the most crucial ones come first followed by the rest.

Get a Smart Beach Towel

Most definitely you will need a beach towel. It should be the first item that you go for. When you fold it in the right way, it will be able to settle at the base of your bag and then you will have enough space to arrange the other smaller items. If you want to save a lot of space, you can look for a light towel because heavy ones are bulky. If you have a grocery bag, you can throw it into the beach bag just in case it does not dry up easily. This prevents it from soiling the other items on the inside.

Protect Your Gadget

There exist waterproof bags for almost all the electronics. When your gadget gets in contact with water or sand, it gets destroyed even in the simplest ways that you can imagine. In the beach bar where you have put your other items, make sure that you do not leave your electronics like cameras and phones naked. Look for a waterproof bag to put them and prevent them from coming into contact with sand or wet towels and swimming costumes.


Your fun at the beach can be spoilt by having your gadgets and stuff spoilt by water. Is this a risk you are willing to take? To avoid all the pressure and stress, you just need a waterproof beach bag that does not only protect your stuff from the sand but also from the water. However, for you to make sure that you have carried all the necessary stuff, you need to know how to arrange your bag in the most correct way possible. All those tips are provided in this article.

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Book Character Halloween Costume: Strega Nona

Have you read Strega Nona? And Italian witch with a magic pasta pot, what’s not to love?

This costume was a “no sew” meaning I just tucked a bunch of fabric in a dress and called it good. If I was actually using this on Halloween I would have sewn a skirt and tunic top. I’m sure they would have been simple but I didn’t have time to do all that just for this little photo shoot.
The “pasta” is yarn in one of those $5 plastic kettles you can get around Halloween. Wouldn’t it be cute to glue some of the yarn to the rim and on the sides and use it as a trick-or-treat bucket?

Georgia told me she was “different nice witch” when we put on this costume. I love doing these costumes with her.

Cat in the Hat
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Fern from Charlotte’s Web
The Paper Bag Princess
Fancy Nancy
Emily Elizabeth from Clifford
Amelia Bedelia

Throw Back Thursday and Cardboard Tampons

I read Are You There God, It’s Me, Maragret in second grade. I was the reason moms want that book banned from school libraries. I was way too young to read it and way too curious to put it down when the themes didn’t relate to me. Boys, periods, dark movie theaters- these were things that I was GOING to want, so I better read up. My mom never really censored what I read* and I’m sure she didn’t think anything of a Judy Blume. I also read A LOT so it’s not like the poor woman could keep up anyway.
Well, that book made me want my period. It made me want to be grown up. The word “sexy” comes to mind, but that wasn’t it… more like “womanly.” I wanted curves and to be able complain about cramps. I wondered what it would feel like to have a boy “up my sweater” because I really had no idea what that even meant. The fact that I started going to an inner city elementary school in fourth grade did not help my fascination. We were always being told about where we could and couldn’t be touched and who to tell. In fifth grade we had a sex ed presentation where we were basically just told we were going to have periods. This wasn’t shocking news to anyone. In fact, the one and only anonymous question that was pulled out of the box was “what does it feel like when a penis goes inside you?” We all knew who wrote it, and she blushed deeply. The counselor just said something like “that’s not what we’re talking about today” and went on to show us what I thought were diapers in our “preparation kits.” I wore the travel size deodorant too soon.

I had health again in sixth grade (we had moved to a more rural area by then) and I learned what a wet dream was in all technicality. I learned it was embarrassing by the way the boys laughed and avoided eye contact. By this time, girls around me were getting their periods and I was sure mine would come. In seventh grade I shaved my legs without my mom knowing and only got permission to actually shave because I made her feel my armpit hair and it grossed her out. I would sneak the make up my mom didn’t wear to school and try to look grown up. I don’t know why I had such a desire to look and feel older than I was. I wasn’t treated particularly childish or adult-like in my childhood. I think I just liked the drama of all of it. The looming unknown, the props and the make-up.

By eighth grade sex ed, I was hyper aware of my lacking blood flow and my lacking chest. My best friend had huge knockers that she seemed to hate when it was just us but love when boys were looking at them. I wanted boys to look at me but I wasn’t sure of all the reasons why. I felt left behind.

In ninth grade, I was pretty sure I was the last girl who didn’t get her period over the summer. It was horrible. We had ANOTHER sex ed presentation given by the seniors at our high school. I’m sure they thought we would listen to the older and wiser students. They were right. There was a lot of “Abstinence is best, BUT…” and a stereotypical banana/condom demonstration. Everyone was silent. Everyone was paying attention. This information was relevant to everyone but me. I had been pining for my period since second grade, and now felt like everyone was saying “on your left” as they lapped me. These new props were obsolete in my scene. I didn’t need condoms! I needed a pad! I was still mortified by the idea of a tampon so you can imagine what I thought about bananas.

My period finally came over Thanksgiving. We were visiting my aunt and uncle and I was so excited that it was finally happening. I played it cool. My mom didn’t think this was something to celebrate- she hated that I’d have to worry about it. My aunt only had overnight pads under her sink so I waddled around uncomfortably. Somehow, though, I still felt cool.

When I got back to school I was excited to tell anyone who would listen but also a little embarrassed that it had taken me so long. I mentioned it to my friend Michelle during math class. Michelle was pretty, but not overly popular. Like, she was too pretty to be popular. She wasn’t pretty because she wore Abercrombie & Fitch and had acrylic nails. She was REAL pretty and I think it intimidated everybody. But she was friendly and excited about my news.

“Have you discovered the amazing invention called the tampon?” She asked me too loud, our teacher was writing formulas on the white board.

“No! I’m afraid!” I whispered so she would follow my lead.

She pulled out a Kotex and handed it to me. She asked if I knew how to use it and I played dumb (like hadn’t read the instructions I’d found in my moms box countless times). She explained it to me in vague detail and when I put it in my backpack snapped at me that sitting in a pad was “gross” and I needed to go to the bathroom NOW.

I obeyed. I inserted it the way I had seen in cartoon drawings. The applicator was made of cardboard and that threw me off- it wasn’t plastic and smooth and pink like my moms. For the first time, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I pulled out what came out- the smaller round tube and threw it in the little trash can (I could finally use the little trash can!) and went back to class.

After 5 minutes, I was in pain. Uncomfortable was a mild way to describe it. I shifted in my seat to try and relieve the pressure. Michelle turned around. “Isn’t it great?!” She whispered this time. “You can’t even feel it right?” I grimaced a smile and nodded in agreement.

Later that day I had gym class. GYM CLASS. We had to RUN. It was horrible. I felt like someone kept punching me in the vagina.

When I had somehow survived and was changing in the locker room, Michelle announced that I had gotten my period and I remember a lot of congratulations. She made a big deal out of the fact that SHE had introduced me to the tampon. All the girls nodded in appreciation for “the amazing invention” and delved into their own stories and favorite brands. At one point, they started talking about how much they hated the cardboard ones and my ears perked up.
“Like, I hate how the cardboard can get stuck up there!”

It was then that I realized I was supposed to pull out BOTH pieces of cardboard and not just one. I ran into the stall and gave myself the greatest relief I had felt so far in my 14 years.

I think I told my mom about it when I got home and she admonished me for being afraid of tampons at all and shuttered when I told her what I had used was cardboard.

“Never put anything up there that isn’t pink” she told me. If she was making a reference to penises, I didn’t get it. After all, I had only just gotten my period.

*The only book I remember her telling me I couldn’t read was A Stranger Beside me by Ann Rule. It was about Ted Bundy and the fact that it was restricted only fueled my desire to swallow it. She relented when I was 16 and ever since, I have not been able to pass a construction site without running and horrifically rude to especially friendly and attractive strangers. I am still to young to have read that book.

I’m in Love With Boise, Idaho

If you’ve been to Boise, Idaho- you know.

Canvas tote bag screen printed with black design

Handle Color Options Include: Natural, Red, Black, Dark Green, Navy

Tote Bag Dimensions:
15″ Wide, 15″ Tall
9″ from bag opening to center of handle